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Does IoT Devices Become More Productive with Cloud?

Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most happening technology innovations in the recent years. It is gaining rapid momentum in the market places as internet enabled IoT devices and IoT applications are finding their place extensively in homes and industries.

It is expected that IoT gateway technology will lighten up 500-700 million smart homes by 2020 (First Post: Article).

Gartner a research firm estimates that there are 5 billion IoT devices with industries and consumers today and the number is expected to grow five times by 2020.

IoT solutions are adding enhanced sense of intelligence to industrial equipment helping organizations to monitor the equipment performance real-time and generate reports to gain insights in to overall infrastructure performance.

IoT Devices Become More Productive with Cloud

IoT devices has made tremendous progress beyond the expectations in the recent years (Cloudnews.com). With the growing IoT prominence, global firms consider that next generation IoT offerings such as applications, products and services should be capable enough to meet the expectations, says Ravi Namboori.

Global IoT solution providers states that there will be significant uncertainties risen along with extended usage of IoT, specifically the pressure it builds on IT departments and developers.

Developing advanced IoT offerings will be a significant challenge to the companies and they need to provide robust, secure platforms and technologies to the developers. Also firms need to focus on requirement analysis, extent of learning and skill development in workforce.

Many of the global IoT gateway providers have realized that the cloud services plays a crucial in taking IoT solutions much closer to the varied industrial sectors. Cloud computing services plays pivotal role in making IoT solutions much productive and successful.

IoT solution providers are leaning towards investing their time and efforts in developing next generation IoT products and applications rather than concentrating on big data department that organize the information collected from smart IoT devices .

Today IoT companies strongly believes that by outsourcing the data capture practices to cloud services they could focus more on learning curve and workforce skill development. Backend engine of the IoT solution can be outsourced to cloud service provider to capture the data.  Various service providers offer PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) business model where customers will be paying license fee to cloud service provider to sync their internet-enabled products.

By bringing cloud services in to the IoT devices , both the consumers and IoT gateway providers get significantly benefitted. IoT solution providers has to play greater role in driving the attention of IoT users towards adopting cloud services.

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