Ravi Namboori Hadoop

Managing Big data with Hadoop Data Platform

Ravi Namboori Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source data management platform that is mostly associated with big data applications. In the recent years Hadoop has evolved as robust ecosystem that combines advanced tools and infrastructure components to offer high performance and low-cost approach to big data management architecture, says Ravi Namboori, Director of Architecture at Equinix.

Enterprises gain huge business benefits with Hadoop powered business intelligence and data analytics as it makes data management massively scalable, feature-rich, agile and cost effective.

Hadoop runs on clusters of commodity servers and establishes an efficient big data management architecture to enable advanced data analytics capabilities and delivers enhanced performance at low costs.

Today the Hadoop capabilities are wide spread across the varied industry sectors for its reporting and analytics applications that blends both traditional structured data and semi or unstructured data.

Enterprises gather data in various format from social media, online ad information, healthcare claims, sensor data from remote industrial equipment and other sources such as devices of Internet-of-Things, adds Ravi Varma Namboori a datacenter expert.

In order to leverage best performance from Hadoop system, enterprises need to bring right talent with required IT skills and collaborate in various levels of implementation includes planning, design, development, testing, deployment, operations and maintenance of the Hadoop big data environment.

Hadoop implementation needs a skilled project manager who oversee the entire environment during various levels includes prioritization, development and deployment of applications. Operational management and maintenance will be handled by system managers.

Data management professionals will perform crucial tasks which includes data integration and layouts. Applications developers will develop and implement applications.

System performance requirements and applications that run in Hadoop environment will be assessed by requirement analysts. Solution architects will involve in designing hardware configurations and evaluates system performance requirements.

With the rapid evolution of Hadoop as a complete data management ecosystem, a new software market has come under limelight which is significantly transforming business intelligence and analytics industry sectors. Advanced software applications have emerged enabling the global enterprises to expand their reach on types of data collected and analytics applications.

Independent software vendors that are specialized in offering Hadoop distributions includes Hortonworks Inc, Cloudera Inc, and MapR Technologies Inc are offering Hadoop capabilities to the global enterprises.

Enterprises that plans to implement Hadoop data platform need to evaluate the vendors based on the product, technology, platforms and component they provide to the users, adds Ravi Varma Namboori a Cisco evangelist.

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