Is data center transforming in modern day cloud and virtualization arena?

Is data center transforming? Says yes the modern day CIO’s and IT managers. Recent technology innovations which includes cloud, software defined architecture and virtualization are completely transforming the data centers, says Ravi Varma Namboori, Director of Architecture at Equinix.

Modernization is driving IT managers and business owners towards rethinking about their computing needs and whether to operate existing in-house data center or to opt for new advanced technologies that are provided by third party service providers.

Research by Synergy Research Group states that spending of global enterprises on in-house data center infrastructure is static and spending on third party service provider data centers is constantly booming in the recent years.

Gartner predicts that 75% of global 2000 will be adopting modern IT techniques such as DevOps and software-defined datacenters by 2020. Software-defined datacenter architecture empowers enterprises to capably program the command-line interfaces and applications programming interfaces.

With constantly growing business demands, global enterprises are supporting more and more data analytics and data-intensive applications. The pressure is building on the IT resources and in-house data center equipment to support heavily loaded enterprise applications says, Rick Villars, VP of Data center and Cloud at IDC.

Enterprises are in dilemma whether to buy storage and servers and equip in their in-house datacenters or to buy a required infrastructure in third party vendor data center that significantly optimizes the applications to support their complex and massive workloads.

Majority of the modern day business owners are recognizing that setting up in-house datacenters and managing them is not their core job. They feel that organizational teams would be much more efficient when they outsource server and storage practices to third party vendor and drive strategic investments in to core business accelerators.

Also the modern IT managers are preferring to leverage best from the solid state storages, coveraged infrastructures and virtualization to run their existing highly loaded enterprise applications at reduced operational expenses, adds Ravi Varma Namboori a datacenter expert.

Most of the global IT managers and CIO’s are accepting the fact that their in-house data centers are traditional and some new technologies offered by third party vendors are much more advanced and sufficiently capable to support their complex enterprise applications and rapidly growing workloads.

Cloud and virtualization have become much more secured than earlier in the recent years which is driving more businesses to adopt cloud and bring virtualization in to their network infrastructure which significantly enhances overall business performance and brings enormous business benefits at low costs.

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