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Is Cloud Mania in Full Swing Among SMBs?

Cloud Compuitng has become much more accessible to small and medium businesses in the recent years. Today more cloud options are available to businesses of all ranges and catering to the business needs of widely varied industry sectors, says Ravi Namboori Director of Architecture at Equinix.

Many of the global business managers perceived that cloud computing is mostly about Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that play across large organizations. But more than ever small and mid-sized enterprises are bringing cloud in to mission critical infrastructure to power their business.

Tim Harmon, Forrester Research states that there are three major business benefits that SMBs cite as reasons that drives them towards implementing cloud.

Security is the prime aspect that significantly influences SMBs decision to move their data and critical applications on to cloud, modern day cloud provider are investing hugely in resources and tools to ensure enhanced security.

Today cloud computing has evolved as a complete ecosystem that brings enormous value addition to business and lower costs. Now cloud implementation has become relatively faster than earlier which is also a key factor that is grabbing the attention of global business owners and technology managers.

Enterprises opt for cloud services as the administration burden will get significantly reduced which enables managers to focus more on business objectives. Also outsourcing data and application management is cost effective initiative for business owners as maintaining them in-house consumes relatively more resources and operational expenses, adds Ravi Namboori a data center expert.

Though there are some obvious advantages of cloud, leveraging best from cloud is everyone’s cup of tea. Business managers need to sufficiently prepare their business for the cloud computing.

Integration is one among the major technology challenges every small and medium enterprise face every time when they start investing in new technology. Typical SMBs makes technology or software decisions based the existing IT infrastructure and demand growth.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment needs broader spectrum of solution architecture which signifies the importance of understanding what works well and won’t when companies bring new cloud tools in to their existing IT landscape.

It is necessary that cloud aspiring companies straighten their portfolio well before they initiate cloud implementation to avoid roadblock and smoothen the integration process.

Steve Grobman, CTO at Intel security says that cloud brings advanced security solutions to SMBs enabling them to leverage best capabilities which are typically available only for larger organizations.

Enterprises need to know what data and processes are affected when they bring new cloud tools in to their IT infrastructure to avoid possible breaches, they need to develop a contingency plan to handle all potential risks that comes with new technology.

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