Big data and Predictive Analytics in 2016

Big data and predictive analytics are among the most innovative technology topics that marketing leaders, industry experts and analyst debated and shared their views in this year, says Ravi Namboori, Director of Architecture at Equinix.

Marketing community is emphasizing again that the global enterprises are under constant pressure to predict and adapt to the rapidly changing customer intent and interests.

It is going to be crucial in next twelve months for marketing managers to identify and leverage the right technology platform that empowers them to align their data houses. Creative and real-time tracking of customer preferences is what business owners need to keep in sync with the rapidly changing marketing dynamics, says Ravi Namboori a data center expert.

Big Data Analytics

In the year 2016 big data and predictive analytics are going to be top priority for marketing managers and analyst to identify the potential ways to nurture big data potential to come-up with efficient marketing mix strategies.

Experts states that extracting the real power from big data as creative and content tool is going to be a big challenge for technology managers. Need of having right tools and resources to leverage vast reams of data is growing every year and pressure is built on decision makers and marketing managers to fulfill these requirements.

Angela Kent, CMO at Phocas Business Intelligence Software, says that Amazon has succeeded in effectively managing their big data and addition of recommendation engines has empowered them to significantly increase their market share and customer retention.

Amazon being a pioneer in industry has sufficiently invested in setting up systems and resources in place, hardly any business can afford. Transforming data in to more meaningful and insightful form for non-technical staff is turning out to be a critical challenge to effective data management.

Consolidation of complete marketing environment is required to bring all the different information on to unique platform with which enterprises gain clear and value driven insights in to business.

Though the terms big data and predictive analytics are interpreted differently in most instances, enterprises to need make use of data analytics to review the structured data that is readily available in enterprise ERP, CRM and financial systems. After having analyzed the structured data, they need to move on to unstructured data that is collected from web, big data or social, adds Ravi Varma Namboori a Cisco evangelist.

Marketers need multi-dimensional view of the customer to understand their intent and interests, in order to achieve this enterprises need marketing technology that enables them to target right customer with right message on right channel.

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